Here are some of the more important tips on moving to Mexico

1. Immigration

The type of immigration visa you will need will depend on the length of time you plan on staying in Mexico. Also, different visas have different restrictions and requirements so it’s important to sort this out before you move. Please read our Moving to Mexico article to get more detailed information on the different types of visas.

2. HealthCare

Make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage should you have an accident or become sick while in Mexico. Mexico has some world class healthcare but it is privatized and not free. You will need to research what your current health plan covers and maybe seek out separate insurance in Mexico. There are companies such as SkyMed that offer emergency air ambulance services and Boomers in Paradise that offer American style health coverage. Do your research before you move.

3. Place to Stay

Do you have a place to stay while you are in Mexico? Make sure you sort out your accommodations long before you move. If you are going to buy a place in Mexico learn the restrictions regarding coastal properties and foreigners. It might be a good idea to contact a reputable realtor to help you with your real estate needs as this can get complicated at times.

4. What items are permitted to bring to Mexico

This depends highly on your immigration status in Mexico. For example with a tourist visa you are not allowed to import your household goods. There are also limitations on importing your vehicle and so on. First decide what you need to bring with you and then look at the restrictions to see if this is possible. You may have to rethink what you are bringing or change your immigration status. You can read our article on Moving to Mexico for more in-depth information.

5. Choose the Best Moving Company

Moving to Mexico is not that complicated, but it’s certainly more complicated than just moving across town. Make sure you choose a moving company with experience in Mexico as well as a good reputation and track record. There are certain documents, forms and procedures involved when moving to Mexico and your moving company should be able to assist you with all of this so moving day goes smoothly. Check out our article How to Choose a Moving Company to Move to Mexico for more information on what to look for in an international moving company.