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The first question any mover is asked is “How much does it cost” to move my personal belonging to or from Mexico.

As it may seem to be a rather simple exercise, it is actually a rather in-depth process. There are three basic factors that comprise an accurate moving estimate;

  1. The agents that will be doing the packing and handling of your personal belongings are called the “Origination Agents”, or OA and the personnel conducting the delivery and unpacking are called the “Destination Agents” or DA. The price for this service is determined by the cubic volume of the client’s household goods that are moved.
  2. Transportation rates within the U.S.A. and Canada are determined by the “Actual” net weight of the goods being transported.
  3. Transportation within Mexico is determined by the number of “Lift Vans” that are to be moved on behalf of the client. These “Fixed Prices” for each sequential Lift Van container are posted on the SWM web site.

These three factors are added together along with the applicable “client chosen” insurance premium to derive the final “Actual” price of the move.

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