About Strom White Movers

Strom White Movers is an International Moving Company in Mexico

Strom White Movers StaffStrom White Movers is an International Moving Company in Mexico and has been providing safe passage for their clients’ household goods from the USA,  Canada and Europe to Mexico (as well as national moves within Mexico) for over 20 years. We are located in the town of Ajijic, which is on Lake Chapala – the largest lake in Mexico. We have successfully moved more than 3,000 families’ household goods in and out of Mexico over this time period.

Strom White Movers was founded in Mexico in 1993 by Local expat Michael Moore. Michael, years later, moved a couple by the name of Doug & Kathy Strom to Mexico in the later 90’s. The Strom’s later became owners of what was to become Strom Moving in 1998.

In 2003 Douglas & Teresa White moved to Mexico to escape the Montana winters. Serendipity, they moved next door to Doug & Kathy Strom of who which the two couples became not just neighbors but good friends as well. In 2005 the Stroms approached the Whites with the offer of the Whites taking over their Strom Moving Company and the rest is now the history of Strom White Movers.

Strom White Movers, has over the years, earned the reputation of Mexico’s most recommended and respected name in the relocation industry with the lowest rates.

Within our 20,000 sq.ft. Ajijic, Jalisco based moving and storage facility we offer the following services;

  • International and local moving within Mexico
  • Moving Household goods in and out of Mexico
  • Full Service Door to Door Moves
  • U.S.A and Canadian ‘Air-ride’ Trailer Lines
  • Tailored Moving Packages
  • Shared Loads to reduce costs
  • Witnessing of Every Boarder Crossing
  • Free typing of shipment inventory for customs importations
  • Moving Insurance Package Options
  • Professional Packing
  • New and Used Packing Materials for sale
Strom White Movers - Moving People to Mexico for Over 20 years!