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International, Local and Moves Within Mexico

SWM can service all your moving needs, whether it be international, local moves or moving within the country of Mexico. Whatever your moving needs, SWM are here to assist you.

Household Belongings Moved In / Out of Mexico

SWM services all of the mainland Mexico from our Laredo Texas warehousing facilities. We provide both South and Northbound used household goods moving services

Door to Door Service Available

SWM can provide full service ‘Door to Door’ moves to or from all of the 192 free world countries both into or out of Mexico.

U.S.A. and Canadian Trailer Lines

We work with many US and Canadian Moving Companies who can provide the regulation crates needed for moving to Mexico. Please ask us for a free survey and estimate.

Tailored Moving Packages

We can provide full service door to door quotes, which is our norm, or we can work with any mover the client has already selected to get their goods FOB to our Laredo, TX warehousing facilities.

Shared Loads to Reduce Costs

As we only ship in ‘Lift Van’ containers, we are able to consolidate several families shipments on each of our 53’ International trailers. Fourteen of these containers will fit into each 53’ International trailer. This provides each client with additional shipping discounts as their load is shared with the other families aboard the same trailer.

Witnessing of Every Border Crossing

Crossing procedures are very different and very specific. Our brokers agents are present for each border crossing whether it be North or Southbound shipments.

Free Typing of Shipment Inventory for Customs importation

Included in all of our door to door quotes is the free typing and translation of your household goods list for presentation to the board inspection officers on your behalf.

Insurance Package Options

SWM works with Insurance Companies that offer Declared, Replacement and Total Loss door to door insurance policies for our clients. We have many different options and deductibles to meet your moving needs.

Professional Packing

The best way to ship your goods is to pack all your belongings into Lift Vans. They are large forklift driven crates. Their size is 7 ¼ ft H x 7 ¼ ft L x 3 ½ ft W. and are especially made and Heat Treated for International moves. We work with many US and Canadian Moving Companies who can provide them for you. Packing your internationally wrapped belongings into Lift Vans gives them the ultimate in protection. We would be happy to have one of our representatives call you for a free survey and estimate.

New and Used Packing Materials for Sale

We have affordable supplies for your move to make sure your belongings are properly packed and shipped.

Chauffeur Services

Door to door driving services into or out of Mexico. Safe and secure with over 50 trips already made. Contact Kevin at!

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