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Moving Insurance for your Move

We strongly recommend you have your valuable personal belonging insured during the time they are in our possession. The cost is minimal compared to a loss. Check with your present Homeowners Policy since many policies have this coverage already in place. If not, we have various Insurance Packages available. If you move with us door to door, the following page lists the various options available. Strom-White Moving is an independent agent for TG International. We are authorized to offer their coverage; we carry the actual policies and receive payment for the various coverage they offer.

Using another mover’s insurance

If you use another carrier and are insured with them, make sure that you have door-to-door coverage. If you do not, then the only type of insurance that you will qualify for, through Strom-White Moving of Ajijic, is Named Perils Insurance. Having your insurance through us, will most likely reduce the total cost and allow you t o have one complete insurance package from Point of Origin to Destination, plus coverage, while your belongings are in our warehouse.

If you pack your own belongings

Those who pack their own belongings only qualify for Named Perils Insurance, which covers for Total Loss ONLY, and NOT Individual Loss or Individual Damage.

Declared Value and Replacement Value insurance

For the other two types of coverage, Declared Value and Replacement Value, you MUST be professionally packed by an authorized moving company and obtain “Condition of Inventory” sheets which describe the condition of your belongings at time of packing. In order for you to process your claim under the time period allowed, we must document any damage that may have occurred. So upon arrival, Strom-White Moving, as the independent agent for TG International, must unpack your belongings.

Added services

We will be glad to provide at 100 pesos per hour per man for any other services such as cleaning, putting away items, hanging of pictures, setting up TV’s, stereos, entertainment components, computers, furniture, etc…. If you do require this extra service, it needs to be scheduled prior to your belongings’ arrival so that we have the right crew available.


We can insure all of our client’s belongings door to door whether they use another van line to our warehouse or if you use our service door to door. All covered clients receive a Certificate of Insurance and all claims are filed directly with the insurance company for speed and convenience. If you use your selected van line insurance to our warehouse, you can only get Named Perils Coverage (see below) from our warehouse in Laredo, TX through Mexico. Please discuss door-to-door insurance with us first so that your belongings are properly covered.


If you have your belongings professionally packed, then you may select one of the following:


Valued declaration of the entire shipment must be provided with a certificate reporting copy (supplied with the insurance application). Claim settlement will be based upon the declared value specified on the declaration, or the cost of replacement, or the cost of repair, whichever amount is less.

If a value declaration of the entire shipment is not provided, claim settlement will be based upon the actual cash value (replacement cost, less depreciation) of the property at the time of loss, or the cost of replacement, or the cost of repair, whichever amount is less.

Note: A declaration/value list of high value items should be provided to TGI with certificate reporting copy to avoid limited recovery.


Declaration (value list) of high value items (over $1,000) MUST be provided to TGI with a certificate reporting copy, and the entire shipment MUST be insured at 100% of its current replacement cost.

In the event of a claim, Full Replacement Value Coverage allows for replacement with new items of comparable quality, or the declared value, or the cost of repair, whichever amount is less. Recovery is limited to the total insured value.


No deductible household goods/personal effects for loss and/or damage only when loss/damage is a direct result and caused by collision, upset or overturn of the transporting conveyance, derailment, fire, lightning, sling loss, flood (rising of navigable waters) collapse or subsidence of docks, earthquake, cyclones/hurricanes or sprinkler leakage.


You can be covered door to door ONLY with the Named Perils Program.

Insurance Rates

Premium rates per US $100 of Declared Value for a minimum coverage of US $10,000.



Declared Value Coverage(US$)

Replacement Value Coverage(US$)







Deductible (US$) Declared Value Coverage (US$) Replacement Value Coverage (US$)
$250 $2.80 $3.00
$500 $2.50 $2.80


  • If you are not going to be present at your final destination in Mexico when your shipment arrives we can arrange for storage. We can hold your shipment in our warehouse up to one month free of charge and then you will need to make other arrangements with us. Please discuss your needs as we need to make sure we have the space needed for your shipment. We have 24 storage units at our facility and the prices range from $600 pesos to $1400 pesos per month depending on the size of your unit.
  • Our intention in this guide is not to scare people but to make them aware of the specific rules and regulations for moving your household belongings into Mexico. The Laredo, TX / Nuevo Laredo, TAM border crossing is the busiest of all borders. This makes them one of the most compliant, as we are, which makes things easier for all. We reserve the right to cancel any shipment with a client if we feel that they are not being compliant. We have a very good reputation at the border and throughout Mexico and we will not jeopardize that. It is imperative that you follow our instructions. Our compliance and presence at the border for each crossing are the reasons we do not have the same problems at the border as other moving companies.
  • We ask our clients weeks before the packers arrive to go through their home and write down on paper all the electronics and appliances with make model and serial numbers. This information is very important and we cannot always read what the professional packers write down. This helps assure that customs gets the correct information that they require.
  • If you are packing your own belongings, please make sure that each box is filled very full, so that when they are placed on top of each other they do not get crushed or sag in the middle. Also, please do not overfill a box so that the top is rounded. This makes it very difficult when loading and does not make for a tight load, resulting in more movement inside the trailer and possible damage.
  • If you are being professionally packed the Moving Company will label your shipment. If you are packing your own boxes a sample Inventory Label is as follows:

    Name ___________
    Box # ___________
    Description ____________

  • Uniformity in forms is something that Customs looks at closely. They require each page and form to be in the same format. That is why we have included samples and have not had any problems with this format.
  • On our quotations, under “Not Included in Price”, there is a phrase, “any additional cost we may incur for delays not related to our service, which includes custom charges for delayed inspections over one day and trailer charges or storage charges due to custom inspections, etc. These Customs delays usually happen when someone tries to ship something illegal.
  • There are some new items that you MUST have a special permit in order to bring them into Mexico. Please ask us if you are intending to bring something new into the country before you buy it. You may find that it will cost you more to bring it in than if you were to buy it in Mexico. The rules on new items change constantly so we need to check with our Broker first when we know someone wants to bring in something new. We would hate to have a client purchase something new, only to find that we are unable to bring it into the country or that the costs are so high you wouldn’t have brought it in the first place. When Customs imposes a fine or duty, it must be paid at that moment. This does not allow us the luxury of time to call our clients before hand to ask what they would like to do, therefore we NEED to KNOW BEFORE we even load the trailer to avoid any problems or additional expense to you. There is no such thing as just telling the custom agent to remove the item. Once it is on the inventory, it is in your shipment and we have to follow all the rules and regulations.
  • If you have a specific hobby and have more than 5 boxes of items for this hobby or craft we need to know ahead of time. We may have you fill out a letter for customs. This special letter states that these items are for your hobby and not for resale.
  • This guide is supplied to you for assistance and we ask that you do not give this to other people since from the time we have given you this guide some things may have changed. We have constant contact with our clients, which we would not be able to have with someone not using our service and an outdated guide could cause him or her considerable problems. If you have any suggestions to make our guide easier please let us know. We strive to make each clients move as easy as possible. We are open to any and all suggestions.