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The Lift Van

The lift van has been the preferred workhorse of the moving industry for the worldwide shipping and storage of boxed household goods for the last 50 years. These wooden “crates” were originally outlined for military moves.

The “standard” lift vans are constructed of plywood and lumber and the exterior dimensions are approximately 87”L x 47-1/2”W x 84-1/2”H (202 cu. ft.), and have a capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. The average weight per lift van of used household goods is 1200 lbs. They allow for easy handling with a forklift. This is especially important during Customs inspections. Items are safely containerized and are not handled individually. This lowers the risk of damage and loss.

These rugged containers are easily transported in moving vans and are designed to move household goods Internationally. Shipping in lift vans is our preferred method of transportation. It not only protects your shipment from damage but also keeps all your goods safely together with minimal handling.

Once at our warehouse your goods are safely stored in the lift vans until we do your delivery.


Heat-treated Lift Van Containers and pallets must comply with standard ISPM 15 Certified Heat Treating.

You wouldn’t think that the United Nations would have a hand in regulating something so common as Lift Van containers and wooden pallets, would you?

Well, in March 2002, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), an international treaty relating to plant health, passed a measure requiring that all solid wood packaging (including both hardwoods and softwoods) be heat-treated or fumigated before they can be imported into any of the member countries that are part of the convention. That changed everything in the Lift Van and pallet business.

There is, however, two new industry standard exceptions to ‘Heat Treating’. These are the quadruple walled cardboard Lift Van and the plastic composite pallet. However you pack it, it must be either heat treated or one of the other aforementioned alternatives.

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