Moving to Ajijic

The area has changed over the years

If you are considering moving to Ajijic there are 5 things you should know before you move. The popularity of Ajijic has caused some drawbacks.

Moving to Ajijic Mexico

1. Cost of living

Although the cost of living in Ajijic is still a lot better than in the States and Canada prices for goods and services have risen over the past few years. Much of this increase is due to the real estate market. As retailers are paying more in rent they need to offset this by increasing prices.

2. Cost of Real Estate

If you are considering buying a home in Ajijic you should be aware that prices have increased considerably in the past few years. As more and more Americans and Canadians are choosing Ajijic to retire real estate prices have increased due to the high demand. This has obviously affected the rental market as well. Fewer places to rent means a higher demand and higher prices.

3. Traffic

Because of the heavy influx of “gringos” as well as the weekenders from Guadalajara traffic has become a big issue in Ajijic and the Chapala area in general. During the high season (the winter months) it can take up to 30 minutes just to drive a kilometer. This can be very annoying if you rely on a car to get around and it’s something to consider.

4. Infrastructure

Things such as internet, water and stable electricity are an issue in some cases. There are a couple companies implementing fiber optic internet but this doesn’t happen over night. In some areas you can’t even get a telephone due to the high demand for telephone lines. You might want to research the area you are moving to make sure there is a solid infrastructure already in place. Many neighborhoods are rock solid have very few issues so do your homework!

5. Expats

Many people consider moving to Ajijic, or Mexico in general because they love the people and the unique culture. Because Ajijic is so popular to expats you can be eating in a restaurant and not see one Mexican! Ajijic is still a very quaint Mexican village, but if you are moving to Mexico to avoid “gringos” you may want to reconsider moving to Ajijic!

The above article only looks at a few of the recent drawbacks of the area, if you want to read about the beautiful side of Ajijic Check out our article About Ajijic. To read more about moving to Mexico check out our article Moving to Mexico