This article looks at how to get a Mexican permanent resident Visa. The permanent resident visa or Visa de Residente Permanente as it is called in Mexico is the visa you will need if you plan on moving to Mexico permanently, or at least for periods greater than 6 months. Also, if you plan to bring your household goods (furniture etc.) on a permanent basis you are required to have a Permanent Resident Visa.

How to Apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Visa

You do not need a temporary resident visa to apply for a permanent visa.

According to the SRE website there are 2 main categories you need to fall into in order to qualify for a Permanent Resident Visa. However there are other possibilities to qualify for example if you have had a temporary resident visa for 4 consecutive years, or you qualify for humanitarian and compassionate grounds. However on the SRE website it states you need to qualify under:

1. Retirees or Pensioners
2. Family Unity

If you fall under category 1 and are retired you will need to prove a certain level of financial stability. You can read about it at the SRE website. If you don’t fall under the retiree category then you will have to apply under the Family Unity criteria. This means you must prove that you have children, parents, spouse, etc. who are Mexican citizens. This category also has financial and other criteria that must be met and you can read more details on the SRE website.

The process for your permanent resident visa must be started in your country of residence. In other words you cannot start the application process in Mexico.


Some Benefits of a Mexican Permanent Resident Visa

  • You can work and earn money
  • You receive a CURP number
  • You can apply for free healthcare
  • You never need to renew your visa
  • You are one step away from being a Mexican citizen should you choose to go that route