International Moves

Strom White Movers is a door to door International Moving Company. For moves coming into Mexico we work with movers in your area to assist in packing, crating and the transportation to our broker warehouse in Laredo, TX, where your shipment crosses Mexican Customs. We work directly with you from setting up your survey, getting estimates, setting up moving dates and assisting you with all your moving questions and required documentation. We are here to help you every step of the way in assuring you that your move goes smoothly.

We prefer and recommend shipping in lift vans. These are wooden crates made especially for International moving. They are 4x7x7 feet and hold around 1200 lbs each. They protect your shipment during transit and Customs inspections. This is the best way to ship your used household goods but we do offer other types of service from the border of Laredo, TX. We would be happy to speak to you about your particular moving needs.

A Visa is required to move your used household goods into Mexico duty and tax free. There are two type of Visas, Permanente and Temporal. There are different requirements that are needed for Customs depending on which visa you obtain. We will need a Meneje de Casa for all Permanente Visa holders and Mexican Nationals. This is a stamped version of your inventory and can be obtained at your nearest Mexican Consulate.

You are allowed to bring in your used household goods but there are some restrictions. All items must be six months or older in your possession. Food, medicines and liquid items are some of the items NOT allowed in your shipment. All electronic items with a plug or battery need to be listed with their make, model and serial numbers. This is very important and fines will be issued for any items not listed. We have a full list of allowed items in our Moving Guide that we can email you or you can download off our website.

We, at Strom White Movers, take pride in our company and our personal service. We work together with professionals who know the International Moving industry as we do and pride ourselves with the outstanding service we give to our clients.

Strom International Move Rate Sheet